Notariusz Kraków

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Notary office – Cracow

Anna Gąsienica and PhD Paweł Czubik notaries, limited liability partnership, offers professional notarization services in accordance with provisions of law and professional ethical principles.

We specialize in foreign legal trade. In particular we set and shape appropriate form of matrimonial regime. We provide professional services relating to the ownership transfer of the estate based in Poland. We provide testamentary services involving foreign assets.

The notary will provide you with comprehensive information about documentation required for notarization services (preparation of notarial deed ), amount of notary fee, taxes and legal fees which the notary is responsible for. It is necessary to contact notary office for details, you may contact us by email ( contact form on “zadaj pytanie” bookmark), call us or visit us.

We are open on Mondays from 10 am to 6pm and Tuesdays to Fridays from 8.30 am to 4.30pm. We may also arrange an appointment in any convenient time prior the contact with our office.

We suggest to use ” kontakt” bookmark to find the way to our office. For easier localization please be advised that office is based in Kraków – Podgórze district (austr. Josefstadt), the building is located on the left when walking along the Vistula bridge, the building is the second to the BPH Bank building, and it is located vis a vis tram stops at the Ghetto Heroes Square (Plac Bohaterów Getta). Cracow Lviv’s Street 2a/38

Notary Office
Street: Lwowska 2a/38
30-548 Kraków

tel.12/34 55 623,
tel./fax 12/65 60 177

Account no: 72 2490 0005 0000 4500 8038 5310
NIP (tax identification number): 675-104-92-05


We offer following services:

  • preparing notarial deeds
  • preparing deeds of succession certification
  • preparing notarial authentication certificates
  • delivering statements / declarations
  • executing protocols
  • preparing protest of promissory notes and cheques
  • storing documents, money and securities
  • preparing document’s extract/duplicate/excerpt
  • preparing on the Party’s request projects of deeds , statements and other documents
  • other activities arising from separate provisions

Examples of notarial activities:

  • transfer of ownership: sales agreements, donations, exchange agreements, life estate deeds, co-ownership termination agreements, inheritance division, establishment of separate ownership of real property, creation of a mortgage, easement, lease, preliminary agreements.
  • Cooperative law: sales agreements, donations, exchange agreements, inheritance division, transformation of cooperative right into ownership right, mortgages, lease, expectative of separate ownership, preliminary agreements
  • Corporate law: agreements and founding acts, shareholders meeting’s protocols, specimen signatures
  • Succession: testament wording, statements of acceptance or disclaimer of inheritance, inheritance division agreements, inheritance disclaiming agreements, alienation of inheritance agreements, open and announcement of a will, deeds of succession certifications
  • matrimonial regime: prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, property division agreements,
  • protocols of shareholders meetings: social organizations, associations, cooperatives, companies, and other legal persons, condominiums
  • power of attorney to use in Poland or outside the country
  • power of attorney projects – including those to be appointed outside the country
  • witnessing the signature , certification of true copies or extracts, certification of dates of document’s presentation, certification of residency in a given place and issuing life certification